lunes, noviembre 07, 2005

Adolescentes trabajando en Microsoft

No sé si serán o no adolescentes, pero la gente que trabaja en el blog oficial del nuevo Windows Messenger Live (el producto que va a sustituir al MSN Messenger) parecen un poco infantiles. Copio y pego del blog en cuestión:

A few months ago all the members of the MSN Messenger team were shut into a room (lured there by cookies and free frappaccinos) to hear the announcement. "MSN Messenger had a good run. It's time for change. Then next time our users upgrade, it will be to Windows Live Messenger"

A judge would've started banging his gavel, "Order! Order!" because the entire saucer-eyed, slack-jawed team erupted in murmurs and exclamations. I personally clapped my hands and bounced up and down like a two-year-old. "I can't WAIT to blog this!" (yeah, that's right - I have a one-track mind). I didn't know why or how or what it all meant, except that I'd have to get new business cards. Actually - I like my business cards, they're all multicolored with the adorable little flapping butterfl...

"WAIT!" I cried. "The butterfly! What's going to happen to the butterfly!?"

They looked at me the same way my parents did when my childhood dog, Minx, got cancer. So, no more butterfly for Messenger. I'm still excited about the change to Windows Live, but I am gonna miss that little guy. Sniff.

Ohhh, qué importante es el tema de la mariposa. Y es más, qué importante es el cambio de nombre para que todo el equipo esté taaaan ilusionado, aunque echen de menos la mariposa. Pero, ¿¿a quién coño le importa la mariposa?? ¿Y de verdad es tan importante el cambio de nombre? Si en el fondo va a ser lo mismo pero con más publicidad y más mierdecillas de iconos de esos para comprar... ¿Hay que tomarse en serio a la gente que trabaja en Microsoft?

NOTA: La negrita la he puesto yo

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